HE800 3 pin Travel Adapter-Flat

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  1. Safety Designed under the market, complete All in One Adapter, can use anywhere all over the world without having to worry about the correct plug adapter type.
  2. Perfect for travel use with Cell Phones, Tablets, Pads, Laptops & other devices anywhere in the world - Few exceptions listed below.
  3. Type A can be used for Japan, United States, Canada, Mexico. Type I International Travel Power Adapter for China, Australia, New Zealand/Type C European adapter plugs for Europe, South America, Asia. Type G Universal Power Adapter for United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong.
  4. Built with Fuse, Extra Included. CE ROHS certified safety system, with/without surge protection, with/without children's electric shock protection, with/without plug lock and built-in safety shutters to protect you and your devices from external shock and short circuit when charging.
  5. This adapter is NOT a voltage converter. It will not convert voltage, make sure your item supports worldwide 100-240V.
  6. Includes 6 types of international adapters - AE (Type C) UK (Type G), US (Type B), AU (Type I), Au (Type E/F), JP (Type a) plugs compatible with outlets in North America, United Kingdom, most of Europe, Australia, Japan, parts of Africa, Middle East, Asia, China, and more. Other SWADAPT attachments sold separately.
  7. This Charger Adapter Plug Converts the Power Outlet Only, it Does Not Convert Electrical Output Current and Voltage.
3 Flat Pin Travel Adapter Electrical Plugs Sockets Converter Adapter
1. Travel Adapter allows to power to up to many devices. It's ideal for smart phones, ipad, tablet, computer, refrigerator, washing machine, games console etc, the USB ports (Some Socket have) come in handy to charge your phone/tablet which saves you using pc ports to do the job.
2. Travel Around the World must need the Universal Adapter, not only UK standard plug but also with multi socket, etc.
Two round pin EU type plug also can be used some models.

3. ON & OFF POWER SWITCH on the adapter and safely control the flow of electricity with a single touch. Each row can be turned on/off individually by the power button on the side to save electricity.
4. Rated power: 1000-3250W. Power output: 100-240VAC~50-60HZ. Can apply to the use of most power electric appliances when traveling.
5. HIGH QUALITY MATERIA: Fireproof ABS plastic, PVC copper cable, advanced flame-resisting materials, fire-proof, water-proof, high temperature resistant, all copper current-carrying parts.
6. Convenient: Easy to mount, can take to everywhere for power supply.

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